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Oh Marilyn

August 4, 2011ICLS0Tags: , , , , Categories: Home, ICLS

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Dr. Julie Khanna on the Marilyn Denis Show

Dr. Julie Khanna was recently invited as a guest on the Marilyn Denis Show! While many would assume that Dr. Khanna would only be interested in recommending surgical options, being that she IS a Plastic Surgeon, but here at ICLS, we know that Dr. Khanna recommends whatever procedure is going to best suit the needs of every one of her patients.

Therefore, she has wanted to shed some light on non-surgical beauty procedures for a while now and was thrilled to be able to discuss them on a national scale. We would love the episode to do the talking so take the time to watch our very own Dr. Khanna discussing 3 of most popular non-surgical treatments: Selphyl®, Uplift and Zeltiq.

To See the clip of Dr. Julie Khanna on the Marilyn Denis Show click here.

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