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Oh Happy Skin Day!

March 19, 2012ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Face, Home

You may remember our post in February about Ashleigh’s experience with Dermamelan at our cosmetic surgery clinic. After this post, we got a ton of questions about what other treatments Dr. Sapra would suggest to even out the skin and improve pigmentation or melasma. And as we tell many of our patients, its Skin TX to the rescue! Skin TX is a 9-step skin rejuvenation kit for hyperpigmentation. We’re talking from a few age spots, to full face “freckle-age!” Freckleage has to be a word, right? This kit comes complete with a carrying case, step-by-step instructions and a number of free products:

  1. Skintx Foaming Gel
  2. Skintx Toner
  3. Skintx Vitamin C “Serum C12”
  4. Skintx Clarite
  5. Skintx Exfoliant
  6. Skintx Active 4
  7. Skintx Retinol SR Facial Treatment
  8. Skintx Sunbalance
  9. Skintx Eye Cream

Oh Happy Skin Day! - With Skin TX
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