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Dr. Julie Khanna's Speech

As you’ll see, last month was officially labeled the ICLS month of travelling. On Tuesday we spoke about Dr. Sapra’s trip to Montreal for Derm-Update, and this week we swing back to plastics to talk about Dr. Khanna’s trip to Calgary for the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery CSAPS’ meeting.

The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the only professional organization in Canada dedicated to improved cosmetic surgery outcomes through education, research, and the maintenance of high surgical standards of clinical practice. Their membership consists of 160 surgeons, all of which are fully trained and certified specialists in Plastic Surgery who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in the Cosmetic and Aesthetic areas of plastic surgery. For patients considering surgical procedures it is essential to meet with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

At every annual meeting Dr. Khanna typically moderates a session. I know that the words “meeting” and “session” typically drudge up a visual of a polyester suits, and a barrage of yawns, but not in this case. For Dr. Khanna and the other docs at the CSAPS meeting, sessions are one part lecture and one part live surgery! Those plastic surgeons don’t do anything half way now do they?

Lastly, we are incredibly pleased to announce that Dr. Khanna was elected to the executive committee of the Society this year meaning that in five years time she will be the president! And we cannot think of a more amazing candidate. Congratulations Dr. Khanna, we are so proud of you.

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