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ICLS Neotensil Product Launch

October 6, 2014Kendra Westcott2Categories: Eyes, Face, Home, ICLS, Media


(From left; Dr. Cory Goldberg, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, Corina Crysler, Manny Kapur, François Vix, Dr. Julie Khanna, Anne-Marie Caron)

This past month has been full of special events, and activities that ICLS is tremendously proud to be a part of and we are pleased to have had our very own Dr. Julie Khanna on the forefront of an amazing new product launch with the Valeant Pharmaceutical team.

Dr. Khanna’s colleagues, Dr. Stephen Mulholland; Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and Founder of SpaMedica® and Dr. Cory Goldberg; Plastic & Craniofacial Surgeon, presented the amazing new products GliSODin® Skin Nutrients and Neotensil® to the media in this fantastic Valeant Event!

In a powerful, interactive and informative presentation, Dr. Khanna introduced Neotensil®, a new and innovative shape wear for the eyes, removing excess baggage and producing brightening effects. In 2 simple steps, you are seconds away from looking 5 years younger for your next date night or better yet your wedding day!

Jaime & Dr Khanna - Valeant Fall 14

Here we have our two beauties, Jaime Tettman, ICLS’ Skincare Specialist and Dr. Julie Khanna before the presentation.

A big thank you to Jaime for being Dr. Khanna’s right hand lady, administering the treatment on live video coverage, she did a fantastic job and to Dr. Khanna’s patient, Anne-Marie Caron for being so willing and supportive as we got up close and personal.

Your eyes truly are a gateway to the soul!


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