Mole Check 101: Prevention is Key

Dermatology by ICLS is visited daily by patients referred to us by their General Practitioner regarding suspicious moles. It is with the utmost care, that we educate our patients of the simple steps one can use to help check their own skin.

Melanoma is one of the few skin cancers that individuals can detect with their own eyes and can develop anywhere on the skin. If you notice a mole that is different from others, or has changed in anyway shape or form, itches or bleeds, you should contact your GP for a referral to Dermatology by ICLS.

Moles are generally benign lesions that you may want removed for cosmetic reasons. If a mole is suspicious it can be removed by a procedure called the shave technique where a small amount of local anesthetic is injected and then the mole is simply shaved off. Some moles respond well to excision, which would result in stitches being required.

In any case, one should always remember their ABCDE’s when mole checking and prevention is key, whatever the season may be! UV rays are always there, so cover up, seek shade and apply sunscreen everyday!