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January 8, 2013ICLS0Tags: , , Categories: Home, ICLS

I know what many of you are thinking, first Twitter, then Pinterest and now Instagram! It honestly feels like ICLS has launched into the 21st century overnight. But I for one am thrilled about these recent changes. It is clear that we are living in a world with a multitude of platforms through which we are capable of consuming information. At first this can seem overwhelming to say the least! This was a real conversation two of us had the other day:

“I thought you wanted the images pinned to our health board?”
“No, they were twitpics from our Twitter.”
“That you took using Instagram?”
“Are we also going to repost on facebook?”

General hilarity inevitably ensued. Here at the Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery we are always on the hunt for innovative ways to improve patient care and enhance the patient’s experience. This constant hunt has led us on some pretty diverse adventures. We have taken trips all over the world, ranging from Brazil to Thailand, and have participated in countless workshops both locally and abroad. We even hold retraining sessions and skills workshops on some of our precious Saturday mornings. Along the way however, we realized that these endeavors are only valuable if we share them with you…our patients! So we forced ourselves to get the hang of all the different social media platforms available to us. And lo and behold, we realized that each social media medium (that’s a tongue twister!) has its own unique strengths in providing information.

The latest addition to our arsenal of social media is the ICLS’ Instagram account. Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social networking app that was initially launched in 2010. Instagram essentially enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users that they are connected with. You can also share these photos on a variety of other social networking services such as Twitter or Facebook. What we happen to love about it is the vintage feel the photographs have. It is also safe to say that it is impossible to look bad in an Instagram photo. To be honest I’m convinced that the filters work some form of witchcraft magic that makes everyone appear instantly radiant. Seriously, what’s not to like?

ICLS added an Instagram account (www.instagram.com/iclsca) to be able to effectively share our multitude of experiences with you. While we would love for our resident blog photographer to be in five places at once, we recognize that it’s just not possible. So armed with our iPhones, we have been documenting all types of ICLS adventures. The most recent of these was a trip to the Shangri-La in Toronto where Dermatologist Dr. Sapra, Karen and Rachel went for a site visit.

If you are unfamiliar with this iPhone & iPad phenomenon, take our advice and sign up immediately. We readily admit that it is likely the most addictive app in existence. Primarily because it makes you feel like a professional photographer with the click of a button. Add this to the fact that you can easily share these pictures with your friends and family and we would definitely say SOLD at auction. In the process, don’t forget to head on over and follow us, to get the clearest insight into what Dr. Sapra, Dr. Khanna and the ICLS team are up to.

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