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ICLS’s Resident Philanthropist

Here at ICLS we are committed to volunteer work, fundraising and helping in our community. If you didn’t believe us before, you certainly will now. Our very own Abi, who works as a Nurse Injector in the Skin Spa section of our clinic, just got back from 3 weeks in Peru. Abi was finally able to fulfill a lifelong dream by volunteering at a medical clinic in Cusco, Peru.

ICLS’s Resident Philanthropist

The medical clinic caters to families that are unable to afford medical care. Being a Registered Nurse, Abi helped out in the infant assessment section of the clinic. While there, she gave vaccinations, did physical assessments to ensure the infants were meeting growth and developmental milestones, gave oral medications and assessed for malnutrition and dehydration. Abi would also like to give special mention to what she has affectionately come to call her “ICLS family.” In her words: “They have been a huge support base for me. They encouraged me throughout the entire process.

ICLS’s Resident Philanthropist

Dr. Sapra and Dr. Khanna donated medical supplies for me to take and other ICLS staff donated luggage, children’s clothes and stickers. A huge hit with the children post vaccination!” Welcome home Abi! We’re so very proud of you.

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