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Fraxel: Karen’s Last Days of Freedom

Nurse's FACE - 2010 at Lake Louise

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of October. It is particularly hard to believe for our bride to be Karen. Karen’s wedding is now less than three weeks away! Knowing that a glowing face is what most brides hope for on their big day, we encouraged Karen to have a couple of Fraxel® treatments before the wedding. Fraxel® is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps to shed years from your skin’s appearance. Fraxel® works by targeting just a fraction of tissue at each appointment with thousands of microscopic laser columns. Think of it kind of like aerating your lawn. Miraculously, your body takes care of the rest. The laser columns stimulate a natural healing process that works from the inside out, replacing damaged tissue with younger, healthier skin. In terms of anti-aging, this means better tone, texture and an overall visible improvement. Karen has seen a notable reduction in her amount of sun damage and wrinkles.

Here is a recap of Karen’s treatments leading up to the Big Day:

  1. Latisse® – Karen started with Latisse® in June of this year. She absolutely hates applying false lashes and lash extensions were too expensive. So under the direction of Dr. Sapra, Karen used the topical solution to naturally grow her own lashes in prep for her wedding!
  2. GliSODin Advanced Detoxification Formula – Karen used GliSODin “Detox” for 15 days to get her skin glowing as well as to drop a few pounds before putting on her gorgeous gown. Although as her seamstress angrily told her this weekend…”You are NOT allowed to lose even 1 more pound or your dress will not fit!” Oh the drama.
  3. Karen had Selphyl® to improve the look of her temples and around the eyes. Karen has always said her eyes are her best feature and she really wants them to stand out in the pictures.
  4. Fraxel® as we have discussed was used to improve her skin’s tone and texture. She’ll be looking as radiant as possible.

We have included some photos of the Fraxel® system itself, as well as a picture of Kelli, Stephanie, Abi and Karen on a recent trip to Lake, Louise for the Nurses FACE meeting. We are also incredibly pleased to announce that this will be our last bride story post before Karen’s wedding. We hope you guys have enjoyed these posts and check back to see just how beautiful Karen will look on her wedding day.

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