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Editor at Large.

For anyone that knows him, it is abundantly clear that Dr. Sapra, our resident dermatologist, can never be accused of being lazy. Dr. Sapra is now the co-editor of the brand new journal The Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery and have just been graced by the first issue. The journal is a distinctive publication that is written specifically for the medical community involved in cosmetic surgery and medicine. The journal seeks to “offer information on clinical developments and practical therapeutics, to stimulate discussion of the broader issues in aesthetic medicine and to encourage the best practices.”

The journal was born as a collaboration between the publishers of The Chronicle of Skin and Allergy and the organizers of the annual Cosmetic Update educational conference. In the words of Dr. Sapra: “We are proud to provide the first Canadian journal for physicians practicing aesthetic medicine and we look forward to working with you to create a vehicle for the exchange of experiences and information. It’s my privilege, along with my colleague Dr. Nowell Solish to serve as co-editor of the chronicle.”

We’ll be writing posts about the highlights from the journal throughout the year so stay tuned for our future post on breast augmentation, written by our very own female plastic surgeon Dr Khanna.

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