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Dr. Sapra’s Skin Tightening Procedure

Last Friday Dr. Sapra finally got up enough nerve to have his Ulthera treatment. He had booked and rescheduled his procedure 3 times because he had “prior commitments.” However, we just assumed it may have had more to do with his man-related fear of discomfort.

Now, when it comes to discomfort, most patients find Ulthera uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. We do recommend being medicated for the procedure with a ride home to ensure that it is the most comfortable; however we have had many patients decide to not be medicated and they faired just fine.

But for Dr. Sapra, he knew that his desire to improve the tautness and contour of his jawline and under-chin area far surpassed any nervousness. We decided that it would be best if we videoed this momentous event of Dr. Sapra having his Ulthera (he has been talking about it for months now!) Don’t worry; you will all be privy to this video as soon as it’s released in just a few short weeks.

So you may be wondering more about Ulthera and how it works exactly. Well you are in luck as I will give you all the details you NEED TO KNOW! Much loved amongst celebrities like the ever-youthful Courtney Cox, Ultherapy®/Ulthera is a non–invasive solution to tighten the skin, and correct localized areas of skin laxity along the brow, chest and jawline. This procedure will benefit patients who are not quite ready for a face lift, but who would like to have the appearance of tighter, more youthful skin along the these facial contours. It uses focused ultrasound waves that target the deeper layers of the dermis in specific areas of the face. Being that collagen growth is a gradual process, it can take from 2–6 months to see the full result. However, many patients claim to have tightening effects immediately post-treatment. So we decided to use this convenient opportunity to put it to the test. We took Vectra 3D imaging photos of Dr. Sapra right before his treatment and immediately following. I think you’ll agree, he already has achieved some tightening. We were so thrilled with this finding that we just couldn’t wait 2-6 months to share the story and photos with you all!

Dr. Sapra’s Skin Tightening Procedure - Before and After


For the Entertainment Tonight inside scoop on Ultherapy and Miss Cox’ Ultherapy treatment watch the video below. I think we can all agree she looks amazing!

Entertainment Tonight reveals Courteney Cox’s latest skincare trick, Ultherapy, and Dr. Kevin Brenner talks about how the treatment lifts and tightens skin on the face and neck.

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