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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been with my ICLS family for 10 years! (Of course I also find it crazy that I’ve been in nursing for over 20 years, but that’s a whole different story!)

I’ve never made a secret of my treatment experiences with our facility, in fact I’m more than proud of what we do for our patients and I love to celebrate their results as well.

I’ve always joked about being a poster child for ICLS – I’m still a work in progress. I think one of the reasons I love my career here SO much is because I truly know what it is to be the nurse AND the patient. It affords me the great asset of empathy with my patients.

In the ten years I’ve been with ICLS I have had 3 plastic surgeries related to Dramatic Weight Loss (I’ve had a tummy tuck, my arms lifted and thigh liposuction to get ready for a thigh lift). I have 2 more procedures planned to round out my weight loss journey and transformation.

I’ve also had BOTOX®, Fillers, laser treatments including Cynergy and E2 – Ematrix™ for facial rejuvenation, hair regrowth treatment, and of course sunscreen!

I’ve learned there is an ocean of difference between vanity and self-esteem with ICLS, as we encompass and champion both self-Esteem and self-worth with our patients. I came to ICLS in 2003 a very different person. I was still learning how to like what I saw in the mirror every day. I’ve always liked who I am inside, but the outside has always been a struggle. I love being able to encourage my patients to do something for themselves, whether it’s try a new product, eliminate sun damage or choose to have a cosmetic surgery. And seeing as I’ve done that and more, I can’t begin to describe how life changes in so many positive ways when a person’s self-esteem gets a makeover!

I thought it would be fun to go back and look at pictures from when I started here. It wasn’t just fun, but let’s be honest, I found it hilarious. I’ve even posted the pictures for you all to see from 2003 to now, and what 10 Years of ICLS care has done for me. Being able to experience the treatments, products and interactions with the people of ICLS gave me confidence to pursue the best me I can be!

I don’t really want to look younger. My goal is to look maintained and the best I can for my age while I look forward to another 10 years with the best people ever. After all, even when it’s busy, and we are all bustling around, never once have I had a day that I wished I wasn’t here. After a decade, how lucky am I to be able to say that??

Brenda Wright Looking back at Her 10 Years with ICLS
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