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Thigh Be Gone!

August 19, 2015Jennifer0Tags: , , , Categories: Body, Home, ICLS, Media, Skin

I have always struggled to clothe my thighs my entire life. Even when I was skinny, admittedly a long time ago, they were an issue. I cannot even tell you how many pants I have ruined from the constant chafing, it’s just too embarrassing! Even the most comfortable of yoga pants felt uncomfortable, just clinging to every bit of fatty tissue, and shorts … I could go on and on but for your sake, I won’t.

With the exception of my inner thighs, I’ve always really liked my legs. Cosmetically, that area was a real problem for me. I began to hate my inner thighs so passionately, there are no words. I finally had enough and decided to book a consultation with Dr. Khanna to see if she could help me. Lo and behold, she had just the right option for me. A new technology called VASERlipo®.

Because my inner thighs had thinner skin with a bit of laxity, Dr. Khanna explained that traditional liposuction would have a higher probability of creating even more skin laxity post procedure. With the VASERlipo® System however, it has the added benefit to tighten the skin at the same time of taking out fatty tissues. It uses ultrasonic energy to break apart the fat cells while keeping important skin tissues intact making skin laxity less of a concern.

To be perfectly honest, given my skintone before the liposuction, and sheer volume of fatty tissue that I had, I was fully expecting to have curtains of skin hanging after the treatment. I wouldn’t have even cared at that point, as I was just ready to have smaller inner thighs. To me, the trade-off would have been worth it, but if I had an option to lessen the risk, I was very happy.

thigh gap

Following my recovery, my pants don’t necessarily fit looser or differently, I just am more comfortable in them. I have a feeling that I am going to save vast sums of money in the future because I won’t have to replace my pants as often! Even the fact that I am able to hold my knees together when I sit down and cross my legs more easily, makes me so happy and just makes me feel more slender and feminine. And if I am completely honest with myself, I am not a super model and I have made peace with that. I just keep looking at the Pre and Post photos because I cannot believe how far that I have come and when I look back, I realize how much this problem really bothered me. I am also incredibly grateful to Dr. Khanna for her expertise and honesty. She did such beautiful work and was so patient with me throughout the process. Both Dr. Khanna and her staff, Brenda, Karen and Laura were also consistently patient and professional. Given how I felt about my thighs, I was really self-conscious at first, but they made me feel very comfortable and safe. I cannot thank all of them enough.

Bottom line – Life can be tough, busy and exhausting. As women, we usually spend a lot of time caring for the people around us. By spending a bit more time and energy on ourselves, in whatever little things give us joy, we can be so much happier in the long run. It is so worth it!


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