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The Big Reveal: Before and Afters!

ICLS’ Before and After Gallery

We all know the old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It resonates because most of the time we are better able to trust what we see rather than what we are told. Female Plastic Surgeon Dr. Khanna and Dermatologist Dr. Sapra have always believed in educating their patients. Being able to compare your concerns to someone else in our before & after gallery can be extremely helpful in researching your options and finding out as much information as you can prior to your appointment. Seeing a picture of the results often helps clarify a patient’s anxieties about a particular course of action. They are able to reference a photograph of someone who has the same features or concerns as themselves and then see the results of a particular course of treatment.

We’ve always had a lot of pride in the quality of our Before and After pictures. Because everyone reacts differently to treatment it’s important to not just include your “best of the best!” pre and posts. Alternatively, it’s important to show a range of what can be achieved with different technologies and procedures.

Often, when we inform patients about a particular procedure or treatment program it can sometimes be overwhelming. But with lots of resources and education, patients are able to make the most informed decision possible. Our patients have told us time and time again that having this point of comparison enables them to better understand what to expect. Well, your wish is always our command and it is for this reason that we are posting a greater number of before and after pictures in our gallery and have increased the size of the images so you can get up close and personal with the many treatments we offer.

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