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With the last week of scorching hot weather it definitely got us in the mood to discuss our favourite bathing suit styles around the water cooler! With over 50 lovely ladies currently working at ICLS, we cover the full spectrum of different ages, body types and preferences when it comes to staff bathing suit style. But the one theme that seemed to permeate amongst our discussions was the impressive level of body confidence us ICLS chickitas are rocking. I think as women we tend to be a little self-deprecating and hard on ourselves when it comes to body image. But I think we can all agree that our bodies are capable of such incredible things, whether it’s healing from an accident, or giving life to another human being. So in celebration of loving our bodies and the super impressive things that they’re responsible for doing; we interviewed some of our staff members to find out not only what their go-to summer style is, but also how body confidence plays a role in the decision-making process!


resort wear cover up
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1. What’s your favourite style of bathing suit and why? I prefer a slightly sportier two-piece bathing suit paired with a sarong or cute wrap. I love the feeling of being completely feminine and free while still keeping the amount of skin exposure modest. Also, if you’re not quite beach body ready it’s an excellent way to still feel confident while you’re out!

2. First of all, you look amazing in your bathing suit! What do you think allows you to express such confidence? I take a lot of pride in my body- it’s the vessel that will carry you through all of life’s adventures so I try to take care of it with things like rock climbing, yoga and a healthy diet. And don’t forget about moisturizers and sunscreen!

3. Who do you look to for summer style inspiration? I tend to recycle my summer clothes each season – I’m usually too busy planning adventures in the warm weather to worry too much about what I’m wearing. For special events though I like to grab a girlfriend and browse Winners, Marshalls and other stores. People watching on a patio with a glass of sangria is always a fun way to get inspiration too!

4. I have to say I’m super envious of your height! Does it play a role in the types of swimsuits you love to wear? My height plays a roll in most things I decide to wear but the nice thing about a bikini is I don’t have to worry about that so much! A one piece is a little more complicated so I take advantage of two piece suits which lets my tummy shine!

5. What’s your favourite activity to do in your bathing suit? Snorkeling! And walking the beach with a Piña colada – or getting caught in the rain.


string bikini
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4 girls in bikinis on boat

1. What’s your favourite style of bathing suit and why? My favourite bathing suit is a traditional bikini Because I have an athletic body type it helps give the illusion that I’m more curvy then I really am.

2. You clearly are in amazing shape, how important is fitness and health in your life? Fitness and practicing healthy habits are an integral part of my lifestyle. Having a healthy fit body contributes to a healthy mind and outlook on life. As you age being fit keeps your bone density in a healthy range and keeping a constant weight can contribute to less saggy skin.

3. What part of your body is your favourite to highlight when you’re choosing a bathing suit? Like many women I choose a bathing suit that fits over all and I feel confident wearing. In other words I don’t want to spend the day tugging it into place. Lol

4. How do you think women in particular can increase their body confidence? My advice for women out there today is embrace your inner beauty, focus on your own special and endearing attributes and value what you can bring to others lives; then strut your stuff your own special way.


sporty bikini
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Linh paddling in a kayak

1. What’s your favourite style of bathing suit and why? Two-piece sporty bikinis are my jam! With good strong ties to ensure everything stays where it’s supposed to! (Useful if you decide to do some cliff jumping or find yourself stuck in the middle of a big lake paddling against some wickedly strong wind gusts.) I’ll usually pair it with a lightweight SPF rated long sleeve pullover when I’m stuck in the boat for a long time to hide from those pesky UV Rays.

2. Your muscles are enviable. How to do you stay in such amazing shape? Why thank you! It’s what my Mama gave me! That and a touch of dedication and the motivation to stay active and eat healthy. try to work out 3-6 days/week and meal prep/plan regularly. have a list of things I want to experience and accomplish in life like paddling the Bonnet Plume River in the Arctic or Backpacking the Eastern Coast of Australia. All things that pretty much require me to have a great deal of physical strength and endurance if I hope to enjoy it.

5. Speaking of which, what’s your favourite body part to showcase in a bathing suit? That’s a tough one! If you asked me after a paddling expedition I’d say my stomach to show off a little ab definition from the extensive calorie burn. Ask me on the daily and I’d say my back and/or butt. They are two areas that I work pretty hard on building/toning, plus I’ve got a large cherry blossom tattoo on my back that rarely gets any eye action so it’s nice to show it to the world once in a while.

6. Tell us about some of your outdoor adventures where you’ve been able to rock an awesome bathing suit. My fave bikini friendly adventure to date is a canoe trip that my hubby and I tackled last summer. We paddled the perimeter backcountry of Quetico Provincial Park visiting all 7 ranger stations covering a total of about 360 km and 70 portages in 11 days. I also had the opportunity to throw on my itty bitty bikini and take some small mountain hikes on Margarita Island in Venezuela. We also have hiked to and swam under a giant waterfall in Dundas,ON, played in the beautiful beach waves of Nha Trang beach in Vietnam and went parasailing above the coastline of Punta Cana. Definitely looking forward to many more bikini clad adventures; they seem to be the best ones!

7. Wow, that’s amazing! I’m curious to know when you feel your most confident?
Usually after a good gym sesh or when I’m having a good hair day OR the best is managing to apply my eyeliner well that morning. That’s if we’re talking on the regular. The bigger confident buzzes usually stem from accomplishing something I worked really hard for like completing that backcountry trip or celebrating a goal reached with my work fam.


one piece bathing suit
Image courtesy of Pursuit of Shoes

Karen in a one piece bathing suit

1. What is your favourite style of bathing suit and why? I like a tankini or one-piece because it still feels fun to wear while being a little more age appropriate and modest for my personal preference. Although I think the best part about choosing a bathing suit is picking something that YOU feel comfortable in, no matter what age!

2. Whose celebrity bikini body do you covet the most? Halle Berry…who doesn’t want her bod? That orange bikini in 007, is covetable!

3. We know you had a pool installed recently, what’s your favourite part about having a pool? That’s an easy one. My favourite part of having a pool is family time. Everyone has fun jumping and splashing, from kids to adults.

4. What does having bikini confidence mean to you and how do you get it? Just wear what feels right and is comfortable. There are so many figure flattering styles now, that if you need tummy taming or bust enhancing, buy it, wear it and rock it!

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