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Let Go

February 13, 2017ICLS0Tags: , Categories: Healthy Living, Inner Wisdom

Sometimes, without even having known it, we realize that we are holding tightly to a belief or behaviour that uses up so much energy we may feel tired or weak. If we could see what’s happening inside it would look like the fierce grip we might have when our hands are clinging to a railing. If we are willing to pause, we can’t miss the wider impact this has on many aspects of our lives.

There are lots of reasons we might be holding tight. We may be trying to keep things moving; get through something; avoid someone; or just stay ahead of our inner dialogue. When we practice meditation or have a relaxing massage we experience the letting go of our busy minds and body. That’s when the full recognition of how rigid we have become is apparent.

Letting go is an act of faith. Believing that we need to hold on to make sure things turn out the way we want them to is our attempt to control the unknown. Because after all, not knowing can trigger all sorts of wild imaginations and typically they aren’t pleasant. When we buy into the illusion that we have full control over the experiences of our lives it’s a sure way to keep us clenching our teeth and lots of other body parts.

If you choose a conscious path, you know better. Faith invokes a trust that no matter what happens, you can handle it. Even when we slip and start the spiral into an anxious state, we can correct our wheel and turn to the beliefs that free us from holding on to what doesn’t serve us. Awareness is the key. Check yourself to see if there is somewhere in your life where you are trying to force an outcome and in the process, keeping your mind and body on edge. Slow down; connect with your inner wisdom; know that you are not alone and life is not random. Things will unfold in the right time and right space. Let Go.

Ms. Daryl Wood, is the founder and leader of the Women’s Wisdom Retreats and Journey of Learning Retreats held in beautiful Tobermory, Ontario. She is a published author, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified TED* Practitioner, passionate student of life and so much more. Daryl is offering a Women’s Empowerment Dynamic Day Retreat in Milton, Ontario on March 25th, 2017.

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