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IPL and Proper Skin Maintenance:

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Sheetal Sapra MD, FRCPC, Dermatologist

If you have skin pigmentation, scattered blood vessels and or fine wrinkles; you may benefit from IPL treatments. Patients undergoing Intense Pulsed Light treatment should expect to have 4-5 treatments to be scheduled every 4-6 weeks apart, and be in the office from 1-2 hours.  The benefit of an IPL treatment is that it is non-invasive, and there is generally no interruption of routine activities. You can also treat other areas other than your face, such as hands, neck, and chest.  Sunscreen will be applied to the treated areas due to its vulnerability to the sun.  For more information on IPL treatment and if this procedure is right for you, please contact us to book your consultation with Dr. Sapra and the Skin Spa nurses

Guidelines to maintaining healthy skin

–          Practice sun safety by wearing sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher.

–          Reapply sunscreen often, especially when sweating or swimming.

–          Use 1 shot glass full of sunscreen for each full body application.

The 5 Steps to skin cancer self check exam:

  1. Using a mirror in a well lit room, check front of body, face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest abdomen, thighs and lower legs.
  2. Turn sideways, raise your arms and look at the left and right side of your body, including underarms.
  3. With a handheld mirror check your upper/lower back, neck and scalp and the back of your thighs/calves.
  4. Examine your forearms, palms, back of hands, fingernails and in between each finger.
  5. Finally check the top of your feet, soles, toenails, toes, and spaces in between.

You can also use the ABCDE rule when examining moles:

A – Shape of one half of area is different from the other.

B – Borders or edges are irregular or ragged.

C – Color is not uniform, variation of white, brown, black, grey and red.

D – Diameter size is bigger than 6 millimeters, about the size of a quarter.

E – Evolution of the area is present, change in size, color, and shape. Symptoms such as itching, tenderness, and bleeding.

If any of these factors are present you should consult a dermatologist immediately.

You can find the 5 Steps to skin cancer self check exam and the ABCDE’s of examining moles, along with more information about proper skin care at www.dermatology.ca

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