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Jessica - I Wanna Amana

You gotta love those shampoo and conditioner commercials on TV. You know the ones…a beautiful woman with thick, luscious, shiny locks that she swings from side to side! But for many of you, thinning hair is a serious concern. So much so that we receive at least 2-3 referrals to Dr. Sapra our dermatologist every day for these concerns!

However, we’re happy to offer patients Amana. You don’t even need a referral to try Amana, which is great if you’ve been struggling for an answer. It is a great treatment for hair loss and thinning hair for both men and women. It can even be safely used on men’s facial hair (or lack thereof)!

At our cosmetic surgery clinic, Jessica was quick to jump on the bandwagon herself as she had been suffering from significant hair loss. She has been using the spray-on product for 3 months now; so we asked for her feedback and here it is:

Jessica says that she was worried it would make her hair greasy, but was thrilled to find that it didn’t. It has a really easy spray applicator so it gets just on your scalp. After only about 1 month she noticed what she refers to as short “spriglets” of hair along her hairline, and in her part, which was thrilling proof that it was working! Since then it has continued to grow and her hair is looking beautifully thick. You go girl!

Amana Hair Treatment

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