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Cindy’s Scar Revision Surgery

ICLS’ Skin Spa nurse Cindy’s Scar Revision Surgery

Cindy is definitely an ICLS veteran. She has worked with Dermatologist Dr. Sapra as a Skin Spa nurse for almost ten years now. Cindy is immediately recognizable by her friendly demeanor and pleasant disposition. Let’s just say – if it’s a particularly gloomy day we’re all going to Cindy for a hug.

Cindy recently talked to female plastic surgeon Dr. Khanna about her options to improve the look of an old c-section scar. While many c-section surgeries result in barely noticeable, horizontal scars below the underwear line, they can sometimes be large, raised, discoloured, or painful. Unfortunately, this was the case for Cindy. Over the years the scar adhered to the abdominal wall, which made a noticeable indentation on her lower abdomen. Although the scar was not painful for Cindy, she began to become self-conscious about its visibility. When Cindy would go to the gym or go for a swim, the scar was noticeable in those clothes and it would start to impede her enjoyment of these activities. She therefore contemplated having something done to improve its appearance for years. When Dr. Khanna said she was able to do something about it, she was thrilled and immediately booked for her scar revision surgery.

In the hands of a skilled surgeon, painful, thick or prominent scars can be revised for a more subtle appearance. Typically Dr. Sapra will treat a variety of types of scarring that range from acne scarring to keloid scars, but due to the nature of Cindy’s concerns, Dr. Khanna performed her scar revision procedure. Dr. Khanna said that there are several different methods to reduce the size and improve the appearance of a scar. The method adopted is definitely dependent on the patient. For a patient with little to no loose skin Dr. Khanna is able to revise the scar by opening the incision and reclosing it carefully to reduce the appearance of the scar. For a patient with some or a lot of loose skin Dr. Khanna would suggest undergoing a mini or a full tummy tuck to not only hide the appearance of the scar but to improve the overall appearance of the abdomen as well.

Because Cindy’s abdomen had little loose skin, Dr. Khanna opted for the first option. Cindy is not exaggerating when she said that the procedure was fast and easy. It was done with a local anesthetic and once Dr. Khanna was done Cindy was up and walking around immediately after the procedure. Later in the day Cindy experienced a little bit of pain and discomfort, but not enough to hinder her from her daily activities. Cindy has had her ten day follow up appointment and is amazed at the difference already. In her words: “the scar is barely noticeable and I still have some swelling to come down. I can’t wait to see the results when the area is healed completely.”

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