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Historically, cautery was used to seal battle wounds with a red hot instrument in an attempt to prevent infection and from bleeding to death – a time honored treatment that was both effective yet dangerous! Luckily, the main form used today, is called electro-cautery which sends a safe current of heat into a pen tip, and then the tip is placed on the area to be treated. These everyday treatments can now be performed by way of a safe, controlled method. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

This treatment can be used on most skin types and may be recommended during your consultation with our Dermatologist, Dr. Sheetal Sapra. It is used to treat a variety of lesions such as Milia (also called a milk spot, a keratin-filled cyst), facial warts and skin tags. It is also commonly used to help with sebaceous hyperplasia, a benign enlargement of the oil glands. Sun damage is considered to be a co-factor of this condition because sunlight further damages skin and oil glands – one more reason to make sure you’re protecting your skin every day with a well formulated sunscreen. Which is why our #1 post treatment care is that all our patients wear a sunscreen and make sure the area is covered post treatment, to help prevent pigmentation. Although Patients with dark skin tones may experience post inflammatory hyperpigmentation post treatment we may also recommend using SkinTX, a topical solution used to improve facial pigmentation.

With all these factors being said, Cautery is preformed daily here at ICLS and is a completely safe, efficient procedure. It is most commonly performed during the winter months due to this being an ideal healing period. To see if this treatment is right for you, we recommend contacting our knowledgeable staff at ICLS to book a consultation with Dr. Sheetal Sapra so that we can provide you with the information that you need to make the most informed decision.

Before & After Milia Cautery treatment Before & After Sebaceous Hyperplasia Cautery TreatmentBefore & After Cautery Treatment

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