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Nicole Paraan

So, let me start off by saying that I am by no means an experienced blogger. I’m a talker…I like to chat, I like to share, I like to listen…but, I’ve thrown caution to the wind, slapped on my favourite SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask, and grabbed a handful of ginger snaps, in hopes that my virtual chat, or rather blog, will spark someone’s interest!

There are two things I’ve learned since becoming a part of the ICLS family, and those are…1) Trust the experts! And, 2) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As a self-proclaimed product junkie, I used to be a sucker for trying any and every product that others said, had worked for them. I now understand that probably isn’t the best idea, especially when you are at the point of using five to seven different products on your face at one time, resulting in a red, itchy, peeling mess. I’ve learned everyone’s skin is super different, and even if you fall under a certain “category” like dry, oily, or combination, you still need a skincare regimen tailored to you, and only you. Okay, so I guess that’s three things I’ve learned, but it brings me back to my top two!

One of the top inquiries we get at ICLS is about anti-aging… Hey, makes sense since we’re all bound by Father Time. I thought then it might be beneficial to share what I feel are a few important questions to ask yourself, or your Skin Care Specialist and/or Dermatologist when it comes to considering treatment or product options in the anti-aging department.

First, “Are there other concerns I should address when considering an anti-aging regimen?” For example, previous sun damage. I’ll admit it, I am a former sun worshipper… I love the bronze, but over time I realized the visible damage I was doing to my skin – darker, blotchy spots, wrinkles I had never seen before, nor ever thought would appear on my face. So, it became important for me moving forward to know that just treating these spots are not the answer, but that prevention, like regular use of sunscreen and getting my bronze fix through sunless tanners, are key in my ongoing skin care plan…not to mention the good I will be doing for myself overall!

Then ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve – am I looking for prevention? Do I want to look like Mother Nature has taken me under her wing, and helped me gracefully age? Or, Do I want to look like time stopped for me, and only me, when I looked like I was barely teetering on my mid to late 20s?” Now, I’m not the most realistic at times, but I think it’s super important when it comes to trusting the experts, that you not be scared to share what your anti-aging goals are, and to trust that your Skin Care Specialist and/or Dermatologist will give you realistic and attainable, opinions and goals. Along with this bares the question, “How fast can I expect results? – Those who know me know that when I have something in mind, I’m not the most patient at waiting for the results to happen. When it comes to treatment plans, sometimes adjusting time and expectation(s) is everything.

Nicole Paraan

Finally, let’s be practical: “Can I achieve the results I want with just product, or would a nice little union of product and treatments, like injectables and/or other anti-aging treatments, be best for me?” And, “Is this something that suits my lifestyle, and is the upkeep something that I will be willing to maintain and continue moving forward?” Again, this all comes down to knowing yourself, and trusting the experts.

At ICLS we all want the same goal for you, we want you to leave feeling confident in your choices and purchases and ultimately to look and feel better about yourself. In order to achieve this, you need to decide what you’re comfortable with, and not be afraid to share what that is and ask questions along the way. In the end we want you to be happy every step of the way.

Anywho, I could go on and on, but I feel these were the most important points and questions, when I considered my own anti-aging regimen as well as, experiences and learnings thus far. Well there you have it, my first crack at a blog! I hope you found it insightful, and at the very least slightly humorous. If you want to find out more from me, I’m more than happy to share, just ask!

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