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50, what’s in a number?

June 2, 2014Kelli0Tags: , , , , , Categories: Body, Breast, Face, Hair, Home, ICLS, Skin

Kelli and Abi

Myself (Kelli -left) and fellow Nurse Injector Abi (right) in Italy


For the last year I’ve been “turning 50”. Since most of my friends have reached this milestone before me, they’ve taken great delight in reminding me of the impending event, and in response I like to remind them theirs has already come and gone and that I am one of the “babies” of the group…what are friends for, right?! As the day is fast approaching, I’ve had to seriously ask myself why the angst and trepidation? What is the big deal? What does turning 50 really mean? Being the analytical type, I decided to sit down and take inventory of the pros and cons of this time in my life to rationalize this truly irrational fear.


Let’s start with the pros, shall we?! I must say, at this period in my life I am more content and comfortable with who I am. I love my career and still have a hunger for learning and advancing, I’ve always been a fitness buff so I’m still in good shape with most of my body parts still where they should be and my overall health is good. I have an amazing family and enjoy spending time with them and I think they enjoy me as well. I also, have great long-time friends who support me when I need them and who help to keep me grounded.


Now for the cons…duhn, duhn, duhn! As mentioned above, I am a fitness buff, but my recovery time is a little longer now. My hormones are changing, so consequently my body has developed its own weather system, apparently this is made obvious when you wear a parka and shorts while carrying a fan and wearing gloves on your hands and flip flops on your feet, who knew? I also, don’t always hear what people say the first time and reading the fine print can pose a challenge…if only I had longer arms and where did I put my portable magnifying glass?


 The sins of my past sun tanning have also caught up with me and my skin is a little dryer, I have a few more wrinkles from both the sun tanning and from all the years of expressing myself (not that I plan to stop doing just that), not to mention my jawline is not quite as tight as it used to be.  My brows sit a little lower and I may have some extra skin on my eyelids, ahem.


All things considered though it really is not at all the disaster that society leads you to believe it is. The physical changes I’m experiencing can mostly be managed with subtle and conservative treatments that help me look and feel my best for my grand entrance into the second half of a century. Because, it’s going to happen anyway, so you may as well make it grand!


I want to be the best 50 something I can be, so stay tuned for upcoming treatment solutions as I journey into a new decade.

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