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Ok, yes, fat is technically an “F” word.  We try to lose it, burn it, count it in our daily calorie intake and even consider surgical and non-surgical procedures to get rid of it; but what if you could make it WORK for you? Let’s back up a bit.  The muffin top, the love handles, … Continue reading FAT – What is it good for?? Absolutely EVERYTHING (say it again!)


February 13, 2017ICLS0Inner Wisdom,  faith,  

Sometimes, without even having known it, we realize that we are holding tightly to a belief or behaviour that uses up so much energy we may feel tired or weak. If we could see what’s happening inside it would look like the fierce grip we might have when our hands are clinging to a railing. … Continue reading Let Go

“The eyes are the windows to your soul.” We might never know who exactly coined this phrase, but it’s still a beautiful sentiment. It’s a timely reminder that while we get older, our eyes retain the very essence of who we are and what we’ve been through. When you look in the mirror, or when … Continue reading The Windows to your Soul: Why an Eyelift Can Have Such a Large Impact on Your Look


Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? ICLS created this infographic that includes four fantastic facial procedures that are great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s Botox, facial fillers, or laser rejuvenation, your valentine is sure to love one of these gifts! Botox Botox® is used mainly for the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles … Continue reading 4 Fantastic Facial Procedures

Nothing is more disheartening than realizing the number that you see on the scale doesn’t match what you see in the mirror.  You bit the bullet, pushed yourself to the brink, lived with the discipline of a monk and you were rewarded by reaching your new weight goals; but what happens if you were left … Continue reading Resolution Achieved: I’ve Lost a Lot of Weight, but I Still Look Big!

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