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Oh yes, we are going there.  You know what we’re talking about.  Cellulite.  Those evil, hated and dreaded divots on your buttocks and thighs that make wearing light coloured pants or bathing suit shopping an exercise in expressing your favourite swear words under your breath. Historically there has been little to be done about these … Continue reading Yes, Dimples are ADORABLE – Just NOT on My BUTT.

At ICLS we know that nurturing, supportive environments are the best places to grow and change. We understand that an environment where people feel safe and nurtured is what fosters the healthiest kinds of transformations. That philosophy inspires every single one of our professional staff members, all of our treatments, and yes, even every inch … Continue reading ICLS Is an ASPS Accredited Facility

We all know that sinking, heavy feeling when we look in the mirror and suddenly notice those little harbingers of doom: wrinkles and fine lines. Next thing you know you’ve whipped out your phone and are desperately Googling a way to take it all back—and what we find only brings more cause for concern. It’s … Continue reading I’m Afraid Botox Will Make My Face Feel Frozen | Botox Myths Debunked

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