Shedding excessive pounds is a milestone achievement, and cause for celebration. With your new figure, you learned that stretched-out skin doesn’t always snap back to its previous appearance. Drooping, sagging skin may cause severe discomfort and negatively impact one’s self-esteem. Most of our patients’ primary goal after losing significant weight is to eliminate unsightly and uncomfortable skin. They may want to rid themselves of some stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away, also.

Prior to considering post-dramatic weight loss surgery, you must consider, have you substantially changed your lifestyle in favour of the healthy habits to maintain your new appearance? Weight fluctuations can adversely affect your body sculpting benefits. It can also increase the risk of potential complications during and after the procedure. Body lift procedures are not weight-loss therapies. Your body should be in optimal health before undergoing a surgical lift procedure.

At ICLS we offer the most advanced technologies and innovative surgical solutions of any stand-alone facility in Canada, giving our doctors an exceptional advantage in achieving your desired result.