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Wine about it.

Some of you may already know that Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra are also “on call” doctors at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. As such, they are wholly aware of the tremendous amount of resources it takes to run a hospital and furthermore, to maintain a high standard of patient care.

Wine About It - Fundraising for Oakville Memorial Hospital

What you may not know however, is that Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra have also made a concerted effort to aid in OTMH’s fundraising efforts. What started out as a one time event has now spiraled into an annual production. Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra team up with two other Doc’s at OTMH to host four couples in an incredibly lavish dinner party. The four couples who bid and won the dinner party in its first year, were so impressed with the experience that they fight tooth and nail to win it every year. With the help of Dr. Deacon, Dr. Incze and Dr. Andrighetti, the gala dinners have managed to raise over $16,000 with all of the proceeds being donated to the Oakville Memorial Hospital.

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