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Why Me?

I think as women we often ask ourselves, “why me?” Since I’ve turned 40, I find myself asking that question a little more often when I look in the mirror. That little bit of droopy skin under my chin….and where did my nice sharp jawline go?!?!?! Why me?!?! Well, the answer is…(as with so many other things in life)…it’s JUST BECAUSE! We all have to age, I get that; but no one said I had to do it quietly or gracefully.

Seeing as I’ve been on a long journey to self-improvement after my weight loss, I figured focusing on some anti-aging would be a natural progression. Soooo….Ulthera! This amazing treatment that I have been thinking about for a while, uses high frequency ultrasound to get down to the nitty gritty (otherwise known as your Dermis) to stimulate the collagen and wake it up. Downtime is almost none, (I went out for dinner the same evening) and risks are very low (I was warned there could be some mild swelling or bruising). For me that’s the winning combination and reason to go after the result.

Prior to my treatment, I took some Tylenol and Advil to help take the “edge off” of the treatment. The treatment itself was a little uncomfortable, but my nurses Becky and Cindy talked me through it and I took a couple of little breaks when I needed. The whole treatment took around 2 hours. Aside from the area being a little tender to the touch and having some bruising, I can honestly say that the treatment was tolerable, and I really look forward to the end result as I am starting to see some of my early results – full results take anywhere from 4-6 months to see.

Remember….More Results = Less “Why ME?”

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