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Why Choose Physician Recommended Skincare Products?

May 2, 2011ICLS0Categories: Home, ICLS

Many patients have already made the decision to consult with Dr. Sapra, Dr. Khanna and our team of nurses regarding the benefits of using doctor recommended skincare products. Almost all men, women, teens and children will use at least one form of skincare product on an ongoing basis to treat various concerns, protect their skin from the sun or just to maintain healthy skin. However, it is often difficult to navigate through the millions of different products that are available to us all.

By speaking with one of our knowledgeable nurses who specialize in skincare, prevention, treatment and maintenance, they are able to assess your skin specifically. They also take into consideration any facial concerns you may wish to address, your skin type, any skin sensitivities as well as your budget.

Myth #1-Doctor Recommended Products are Very Expensive

It is a very common myth that in order to be effective, skincare products must be expensive. In reality, the most important attribute of a skincare product is the amount, and potency of active ingredients. While this is the most important feature, “active” product do not have to be expensive, and a wide range of products do exist that are not only reasonably priced, but will also yield extremely obvious and positive results. On the other hand, just because a product is expensive, does not necessarily mean that it is going to give you good results. That is why we recommend a wide variety of products and product lines, so patients are able to get beautiful results while staying within a comfortable price range.

Myth #2-Do not Mix and Match Products

Many facilities will recommend a full product line to address patients’ concerns. However, being that every patient’s skin is completely different, we will often develop a skincare regime that combines the benefits of different products from a variety of lines. So although a full product line looks very nice on the bathroom counter, meeting with Dr. Sapra and the nurses will allow us to create an individualized treatment program that enables us to pick and choose the products that suit you specifically.

Myth #3-All Products are Created Equal

“Cosmeceuticals” are a valuable group of products that combine the beauty of cosmetics with the medical benefits of pharmaceuticals. These types of products contain biologically active ingredients that cause obvious cosmetic improvement to the skin. These products are recommended through a physician due to the strength and presence of certain ingredients. Because of their overall effectiveness, it is essential that a doctor and/or nurse is available to provide the appropriate guidance and instruction to achieve the most positive and dramatic results.

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