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When the Cat is Away the Mice will Play

When the Cat is Away the Mice will Play

There are many times throughout the year when ICLS is left without our resident Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon. Whether Dr. Khanna, our female plastic surgeon is leading a meeting in Calgary (she was there last week) or Dr. Sapra is travelling abroad to learn about the latest and greatest procedures, we are often left without our amazing docs! In fact, some of our team are in Brazil as we speak, but not to fear, we will be blogging all about this when they return!

When they’re away also happens to be the only time our staff could possibly have treatments done themselves. It is just way too busy on a daily basis, but believe me, it is so much easier to talk about a procedure when you are speaking from experience and have actually had it done!

During this past Christmas break, Anna and Jan were interested in trying some of our Non Surgical Fat Removal treatments. So Anna had her first Liposonix® treatment, which uses ultrasound to destroy excess fat cells. It works great for patients who would like to address their full abdomen and sometimes even their sides. Jan also was able to have a Zeltiq Coolsculpting® treatment, which uses cold to destroy excess fat cells. It is best suited for pockets of fat on the abdomen, love handles, back fat, arms and thighs.

Jan will just require the one treatment and like many patients, we have split Anna’s treatment into two sessions to make it extremely comfortable. We asked Anna what her first treatment was like and she said, “it was a total breeze. I had maybe two pinchy spots around my hips, but other than that it was easy.”

When talking to the ladies about their experiences, I realized that they were able to offer me a plethora of information and advice about aspects of the treatments that I would have never even thought to ask…objective achieved! They gave me a detailed description of the sensations experienced, how to sit comfortably, how to entertain yourself and what to realistically expect after treatment. I am interested in having a fat removal procedure myself and although I know all about the procedure, I was struck by how reassuring speaking to Anna and Jan was. Knowing that they have gone through the process themselves and were qualified to be brutally honest about their experience, put a lot of my fears at bay. If you are considering a procedure and want to speak to someone who has gone through the procedure themselves feel free to ask we can definitely find someone for you to speak with!

When the Cat is Away the Mice will Play

When the Cat is Away the Mice will Play

When the Cat is Away the Mice will Play
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