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Welcome home from Brazil!

Last week we welcomed home some of our ICLS team, as they returned from a whirlwind trip to Brazil. Although they were only gone for three days, Dr. Sapra our dermatologist, Karen, Kelli and Abi fit in a lot of learning in just a short amount of time. While in Brazil, they visited two of the top doctors in San Paulo to learn a variety of new skills and techniques using many of the technologies and fillers we already know and love.

Members of the ICLS team have travelled all over the globe from Hong Kong, Spain, London, British Columbia, Mexico, Czech Republic and many more, just to learn about the national trends in cosmetic surgery, new techniques, as well as to visit the top facilities and doctors from around the world. In order to be the best we maintain that we need to visit and learn from the best. Learning is lifelong; and in a world where technology changes every day, we will continue to travel in order to deliver the best care to all of our patients.

So back to Brazil. On this trip, Dr. Sapra and the nurses learned about the newest, safest and most effective methods for rejuvenating the hands. Hands tend to be a neglected area of the body, but also tend to give away our age. So with a combination of laser and injectable therapy, the tone, texture and look of the hands can be quickly and effectively improved! Stay tuned for a list of procedures that are part of our “Fresh Fridays.” It includes treatments that give great and lasting results without the associated downtime. We recommend having your treatment done on Friday and then you are back to work without a care in the world by Monday.

While on the beaches of Ipanema, we also adopted a tad bit of body envy. We learned that when it comes to Brazilian woman, there are no stereotypes. Brazilian woman truly ARE absolutely gorgeous! We observed that while a beautiful bust was extremely important, it seemed that breast augmentation was much more about maintaining proportions, with implants remaining extremely natural in appearance. This absolutely reflects many of the beliefs of our very own female plastic surgeon Dr. Julie Khanna, since she takes scientific measurements to ensure that her recommendation for breast implant sizing maintains the most natural and idealistic proportions.

So with no further ado, here are some of our amazing photos from this most recent trip:


ICLS Team in Brazil

ICLS Team in Brazil
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