Tattoos and Piercings: Removing the Marks of Self-Expression

Laser tattoo removal and earlobe repair

Our skin is a natural canvas for self-expression. But what if you’ve moved on or want a do-over so you can express something new in its place (or nothing at all)? ICLS can help you “reset” your skin from unwanted tattoos or piercings that may not have healed properly.

Tattoo Removal

ICLS has more technologies under one roof than any standalone clinic in Canada, providing ample options to treat a wide variety skin tones and ink types in tattoos. The Enlighten, Yag, Ruby, Accolade, Alexandrite or a combination of the lasers may be recommended depending on the age, colours and location of the tattoo. Multiple treatments are required for laser tattoo removal which can be determined in a consultation.

Jewellery Tattoo Removal

Sometimes a facial piercing can leave behind blue/black discolouration from small metal particles that embed themselves into the skin, known as a jewellery tattoo. At ICLS we rely on the same lasers we use in regular tattoo removal to remove these marks within 1-2 sessions.

Earlobe Repair 

Had a tear in your earlobe or no longer want a gauge piercing? Earlobe repair is quite common and can be addressed with simple measures like fillers or TCA Peel. If there is significant damage or a full tear, our surgeons can easily repair under local anesthetic.

Keloid Scar Removal

Sometimes an older piercing or injury leaves behind a keloid scar – a growth of smooth, hard scar tissue that extends beyond the area of injury. While anyone can develop a keloid, individuals under 30 and those with darker skin tones are more likely to develop this type of scarring. Their size and visibility can be devastating on one’s self-esteem. ICLS boasts numerous methods for removing keloids including injections, laser treatments and Cryoshape.

Interested in learning what treatment might be right for you? Contact our patient coordinators.