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If you are an avid reader of our blog you’ll know that we are dedicated to staying on top of technological trends. Over the short span of two years we have introduced a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a Pinterest page, a YouTube channel, Instagram, and even an online store! Phew! What a list.

Now we’re adding another feature that we hope will be just as helpful and informative as all of our others! Drum roll please…ICLS is adding a mobile site to our arsenal of technological weapons. We all know that the web is the future of information sharing and client relationships. So what better way to get information than fast correspondence through platforms such as Facebook, email and Twitter!

This means you will have easier access to information on all of your devices including Iphone and Ipad. We hear from patients all the time about how busy their lives are and how it is so important to have easily accessible information. There seems to be a never-ending laundry list of tasks to accomplish. With spare time being few and far between these days, we want you to be able to access our information whenever and wherever.

With our newly launched online history portal, this becomes even more important! All new patients must register on our website prior to being seen for their appointment. Imagine being able to do this on your lunch hour on your smart phone? Genius! We always want our website to be a clear representation of what you will find inside those two double doors and we feel the new mobile site will do that!

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