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Skincare for Acne

January 20, 2014ICLS0Tags: , , , , Categories: Face, Home, Skin

Healthy skin, healthy skin, wherefore art thou healthy skin? I would like to find the person who said, “oh how lovely it is to be pregnant, your skin just glows and looks better than you can imagine!” Because that person is a gosh darn liar. A liar I tell you!!! Well at least that’s the way it’s been for me. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have been blessed with good skin in the first place. However, having access to all the best skincare products, treatments like BOTOX® and E2 skin rejuvenation and of course working for a world renowned Dermatologist doesn’t hurt either.

When I was in my teens I definitely suffered from acne breakouts that left me with areas of acne scarring after the blemish had healed. Dr. Sapra was able to help with a combination of Blu-U® treatments and prescriptions. Now, with hormones surging through my body like lightning bolts (thanks to the beautiful little bundle of joy I’m carrying,) those acne breakouts came back with a vengeance. But they decided not to discriminate this time. Not only did they crop up on my face; they also decided my chest and back would be ideal locations to find a home. Being that I hadn’t worried about acne in years I was a little lost with what to do. I was restricted by what I could use since I was pregnant, but I definitely didn’t want to have to suffer for 9 months! So I quickly planned my strategy for attack and changed up my whole regime. My routine now looks a little something like this:

Vivier Hexam Gentle Cleanser – a mild anti-bacterial cleanser that helps to keep my breakouts at bay without over drying my skin.

Clarisonic PRO – the device I thank every day for saving me from the acne demons that plagued my life! (maybe slightly overdramatic, but nonetheless.) With the FREE body attachment I’m able to effectively cleanse and exfoliate my face, neck, chest and back with ease.

Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask – I use this like it’s going out of style. Safe to use during pregnancy, I slather this all over my acne spots (or even all over my full face when it was really bad) and they’re dried out by morning. My husband isn’t always thrilled with the crispy remnants that remain in the bed after a long night’s rest, but he wouldn’t think of mentioning it since this mommy is way too happy with her increasingly clear skin.

Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter – I don’t know what I would do without this cream. Using the Skinceuticals Clay Mask everyday absorbs every ounce of excess oil from my skin. So on the areas that weren’t breaking out I found myself a little dry (the winter weather wasn’t helping either.) This rich, luxurious cream has been a life saver. It makes my skin feel and look dewy and healthy…allowing me to fake the pregnancy glow!

Vivier 30SPF sunscreen – You would never catch this girl going out of the house without an effective SPF product. Using a sunscreen every day not only helps to protect against signs of aging, it also protects your skin from incurring damaging effects that can lead to skin cancer. I decided on this one because it was very light and I was already getting enough moisture from the Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter.

To hear more about my pre-pregnancy routine, watch the video below.

Fortunately as you will see, my skin is almost blemish-free…almost. I will definitely be staying on this routine to the very end to ensure that my skin stays clear and healthy looking.

Rachel Gray


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