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Skin Nutrition That Works

Skin Nutrition That Works with GliSODinMany of us struggle with various aspects of our skin. My personal struggles have been with rosacea and melasma, both of which I have had for many years. Unfortunately, the products that helped the melasma, irritated the rosacea. I would then stop the melasma treatment, and focus on the rosacea, and then the melasma would flare again.

And around and around we went.

Finally, I found a concoction that has not only worked, but maintained the results. I started off using and excellent sunscreen and some hydroquinone to fade the melasma. After I got the results with the melasma, I started on topical antioxidants and the Glisodin product line.

I started off with the Advanced Cleansing Formula and Advanced Slimming Formula …. because, who are we kidding…. I could always use some slimming powder….then, after a while, I switched to the Skin Brightening Formula.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this product line. I have not had to use any topicals for the melasma for years other than a really good SPF, and it has kept my rosacea mostly in check too.

I really believe healthy skin requires care from the inside as well as with creams and treatments. This vitamin fit the bill for me.


GliSODin® Body Contouring Kit

GliSODin® Advanced Slimming Formula

GliSODin® Advanced Skin Brightening Formula

GliSODin® Advanced Cleansing Formula


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