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Otherwise Engaged

July 11, 2011ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Home, ICLS

Wedding fever has come over ICLS this summer. Karen’s nuptials are coming up in November; newly engaged Rachel is already planning for her 2012 wedding and now, Stephanie is brandishing a ring on quite a significant finger. As a result, wedding dress discussions have been at an all time high at ICLS.

Stephanie's Wedding Dress

An avid watcher of Say Yes to the Dress, Stephanie is fairly certain that she wants either a backless or a strapless gown and therefore wants her skin to be blemish-free. Therefore, prior to her wedding, she will be having angiomas removed using an incredibly simple procedure. Angiomas are extremely common and usually appear as small red moles. PDL is a laser that is used to zap away those little suckers, leaving Stephanie’s back looking clear and blemish free.

We couldn’t resist getting a sneak peak at some of the styles Stephanie wanted to try on, so we barged in on her appointment at Sweet Seraphine where Nicole and Sabrina, the wonderful owners, had us positively gushing at their gorgeous gowns.

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