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Nurses’ FACE Meeting 2013

November 28, 2013JessicaMcKinnon0Tags: , , Categories: Face, Home, ICLS, Skin

This year the Annual FACE meeting, hosted by Allergan, took place at the reputable and gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. This four-day event held at a different Canadian location each year is highly regarded as the conference of the year for registered nurses in the cosmetic profession. We always look forward to the exciting, cutting edge techniques and procedures we will learn about, as well as the learning exchange that takes place amongst top clinics and world renowned doctors. This years’ meeting provided many wonderful learning opportunities to keep us at the forefront of clinical practice. Live injection demonstrations, anatomy lessons using cadavers and collaborative treatment plans were amongst just a few of the topics covered.

These opportunities for professional growth are vital for keeping us on our toes and at the forefront of the profession. We are always looking for new ways to bring value to our patients while also delivering the highest level of customer service and safety that we are known for. So on this trend, we have an exciting week taking place in December, and I thought that along with our Facebook friends, we would let our blog readers be the first to know about our upcoming Beauty Contours Week!

ICLS' Beauty Contours Week

Beauty Contours Week!

Now back to the FACE meeting. It is also a wonderful chance for strengthening our relationships within our team to continue to maintain a positive environment and energy at work (our home away from home). Although this was a “work” event, walking into the conference hall to ‘Good Girl’ by Robin Thicke made you question whether you had walked into a club at 8 am. If that wasn’t enough of an experience on its own, the delicious food and amenities topped it all off!

Gossip Restaurant Menu

Gossip Restaurant Menu

We left the Shangri-La on the Saturday evening and were treated to a beautiful dinner at Gossip Restaurant where the one and only Rob Rainford from “License to Grill” was the head chef! Abi and Stephanie couldn’t resist the chance to get their picture snapped with him. I feel like we may have a celebrity stalking trend on our hands here…

Steph and Abi with Chef

Steph and Abi with Chef


ICLS team with James Hetfield from Metallica

ICLS team with James Hetfield from Metallica

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