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My Home is ICLS

I started my nursing career at ICLS 4 years ago. Wow! Time flies! I’ve had countless opportunities working here and just wanted to share why I am proud of what I do here and whom I represent.

From the moment I walked into the clinic I knew this was something different than other doctors’ offices I had been in. I was fresh out of nursing school and had just returned back from a placement in Africa where I volunteered as a nursing student. As I worked my way through training it was evident from early on that this was a VERY HARD working team. It was clear to me right away that their focus was professionalism, providing patients with the latest and safest technologies all while maintaining the highest standards of care I’ve ever seen as a nurse. With all this said there is an aspect of ICLS that stands out more than all the others and that is the sense of family. As cheesy as it sounds, from the doctors to the nursing staff to everyone in between we all do look out for one another and are involved in each other’s lives outside of office doors.

I mainly work side by side with Dr. Sapra and his team. He has taught me countless things over the years, not only work related but lots of life advice too! I’ve always said that my dad is the hardest working man I know but Dr. Sapra comes a very close second. His determination and dedication is like no other.

I’ve only been a nurse for a short time but am thankful for all the unique skills I have acquired at ICLS so far. I know that whatever treatment or technology that is brought into the office has been studied and researched thoroughly.

If you have ever been into the clinic you’ll see right away that we offer a variety of skin care products. Working for a dermatologist I have really come to understand the importance of sunscreen. I’m constantly telling friends and family how important it is to wear it on a daily basis. One of my favourites is Skinceuticals Tinted SPF 50. It goes on like silk and is not greasy feeling at all.

Hope this gives you a bit of insight into what it’s like working for ICLS. People ask me all the time if I miss working in a hospital environment and I quickly respond with a few of these points.

Laura & Dr. Sapra
ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

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