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The Most Beautiful Bride

The Most Beautiful Bride

Those of you who follow our blog will know that the last year has been a huge build up to Karen’s wedding. Karen is the clinic director of our cosmetic surgery clinic, and since our ICLS team is like family, we were all emotionally invested in their special day! Although she knew what the ultimate prize was at the end of all this….getting to marry her prince charming, she still admits that she was a teeny bit preoccupied with making sure she looked amazing! But who can blame her. Also, a huge thanks to Roman Urban who took all of these gorgeous photographs.

So let’s take a look back at Karen’s journey leading up to her wedding. I’ll think we all agree that it was well worth it, and she looked phenomenal.

  1. Karen started with Latisse® in June of this year. Under the direction of Dr. Sapra, our dermatologist, Karen used the topical solution to naturally grow her own lashes in prep for her wedding!
  2. GliSODin Advanced Detoxification Formula – Karen used GliSODin “Detox” for 15 days leading up to her wedding to get her skin glowing as well as to drop a few pounds before putting on her gorgeous gown. After seeing curves in all the right places in her mermaid style gown all I have to say is, “I’m in!”
  3. Karen also had Selphyl® to improve the look of her temples and improve the look around the eyes. My favourite picture is the close-up of Karen. Her eyes are just shining, her skin is glowing and her smile is beaming. *Tear*
  4. Karen also did Fraxel® to improve her skin’s tone and texture. Mission accomplished!
  5. Karen had a small touch-up of BOTOX® injections about 2 weeks before her wedding to make sure she looked flawless!
Karen's Wedding

Karen's Wedding

Karen's Wedding
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