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Mole Mapping with FotoFinder dermoscope

November 1, 2010ICLS1Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

By applying sunscreen year round on uncovered areas of the body when going outside, and by performing self mole checks, skin cancer is both the most preventable and curable type of cancer there is when detected early. If suspicious moles are discovered, it is advisable to have them checked by a family Doctor or a dermatologist. Mole Mapping with the FotoFinder dermoscope is an excellent preventative option for skin cancer especially for at risk individuals and will soon be available at the Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery.

The FotoFinder dermoscope uses a special camera which can take high quality microscopic images. Photos from the initial appointment will be used and compared with ones to be taken at a future appointment as the camera can show even the slightest change in colour and size of the concerned area. This will help at identifying cancer at a much earlier stage, resulting in a much earlier diagnosis and treatment. Ask a staff member for more information and to book an appointment for Mole Mapping with the FotoFinder dermoscope.

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