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Men & Cosmetic Procedures

March 19, 2014ICLS0Tags: , , , , Categories: Face, Home, Skin

We must admit that times truly have changed. When the average person thinks about plastic surgery or anti-aging, it is typical for the female demographic to come to mind. However, the landscape certainly has changed and coming into the clinic is evidence of this. We have other patients, industry and new staff commenting all the time how great it is to see many men in our waiting rooms. But that is the reality of today: men want to look their best for many different reasons. It might be to stay competitive in the business world; or to keep up with their gorgeous wives who themselves are concerned with battling the clock.

Let’s also look to recent media trends, that whether you’re a fan or not reflect a common reality in today’s cultural landscape. Some have called it the objectification of men in mainstream media, while others have just attributed it to a more conscious focus on maintaining the ideal physique or male figure. If for no other reason let’s indulge in 2 of the most talked about male ads of the past few years:

The Zesty Guy Says Hey – KRAFT Dressing Commercial

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Or let’s be real for a moment…what person doesn’t like to wake up every morning and look their very best? It’s no wonder men have truly embraced the “anti-aging” lifestyle.

Although true for women as well, a natural, slow approach is typically best for men as we are able to take “baby steps” and address one concern at a time. Whether it be a simple BOTOX® treatment, or even getting started on physician-recommended skincare for wrinkles or sun damage; an approach is tailored to address the most significant concerns first.

Surgical procedures are another area where men have increasingly sought the care and advice of a board certified plastic surgeon. The graph below shows the top 5 cosmetic surgeries for men in 2012 (ASAPS, 2012.)

Men & Cosmetic Procedures Trends 2012

It comes as no surprise that liposuction is the leading procedure for men. Men are often just as body conscious as women and strive to be in the best shape possible. However, when diet and exercise don’t yield the results you’re looking for, liposuction or a form of non-surgical fat removal like Coolsculpting® can often be the next step. Clearly, times have changed, so if you’re a man; don’t be surprised the next time you’re in the office and you get the token look of approval from the fellow men surrounding you.

An interesting article comes from Everyday Health, which details the increasing popularity of cosmetic enhancement amongst men. It’s evident that these trends are happening across Canada, the U.S. and worldwide. http://www.everydayhealth.com/news/why-men-get-plastic-surgery-ask-women/

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