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June 3, 2011ICLS0Categories: Body, Home

With most individuals trying to balance busy work schedules and family life, trying to keep a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. However, it is also known that isolated pockets of fat are difficult to eliminate regardless of how healthy a person eats or the amount of physical activity he/she puts in a week. For patients wishing to get rid of these troublesome areas, liposuction is an effective option to remove those unsightly love handles or any other places of concerns, such as the tummy, arms, thighs, and neck area.

Liposuction surgery works best in healthy patients close to or at their weight range (within 15% of their BMI) with good skin elasticity. The reason for this is, with good skin elasticity, skin can better contour around the body and compensate for the amount of fat loss taken from the surgery. Patients who are older or lacking skin elasticity may need to undergo additional skin tightening procedures with liposuction surgery to gain a more aesthetically pleasing result. For patients who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure, non-surgical fat reduction such as Zeltiq™  can be a suitable option.

New techniques are constantly being developed to reduce the amount of scarring, trauma and downtime involved with Liposuction surgery. The tumescent technique is used by Dr. Khanna and involves an anaesthetic to be injected to firm up the treatment area, which allows the cannula (suction instrument) to easily pass through the upper layers of skin to remove the unwanted fat.

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