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It was the most popular surgical procedure in 2014 and 98% of those procedures were performed with traditional techniques here in Canada. With any liposuction procedure, skin elasticity is a number one concern, especially for men and women between the ages of 35-65. It just doesn’t bounce back like it used to, but with VASER, Dr. Julie Khanna is seeing over double the skin retention than traditional lipo, which is amazing! The VASERlipo® System is unique in its ability to target fat while leaving other important tissues intact, resulting in increased skin retention.

We sat down with Dr. Julie Khanna (who will be sworn in as President of the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (CSAPS) this September in Montreal), to explain why she feels this device will revolutionize liposuction techniques and share with us what she loves most about the device.

What does the VASERlipo® System do?

The VASERlipo® System is a minimally invasive ultrasound device that is creating a revolution in aesthetic body contouring. From significant fat reduction to precise sculpting on all areas of the body. It is the only device on the market that is capable of such a broad range of applications. Its capabilities are impressive but even more, are the results that Dr. Khanna is seeing,

“What I enjoy most about using Vaser, is the change in the way a patients’ skin feels in the operating room even after surgery. I am seeing significant improvement in skin texture when I use the VASER ultrasonic device versus traditional liposuction techniques. ” Julie Khanna MD FRCPC.

How does the VASERlipo® System work:

  1. A cannula is inserted and injects a fluid throughout the targeted fatty area. This fluid is filled with microscopic air bubbles that expand and collapse when ultrasound energy is emitted.
  2. Ultrasonic waves are sent through the targeted area, causing the micro bubbles to explode and disperse the fat cells leaving the surrounding tissue intact.
  3. Now that they are safely detached from the skin tissue, suction is applied to remove the fat cells from the targeted area, and voila!

VaserLipoVideoHowVaserLipoWorksThis extra step in the liposuction process is now reducing excess bleeding and collateral trauma to the surrounding tissue, making for a highly responsive recovery with increased skin retention. Dr. Khanna is thrilled to have this available for patients and would invite anyone interested in learning more to come visit our Plastic Surgery Suite.


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