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Liposuction & Fat Transfer

April 19, 2010ICLS0Tags: , , Categories: Body, Home

Julie Khanna MD, FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction has been an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that can help reduce fatty deposits in problem areas. Though age is not a factor, this procedure is most successful in patients with healthy elastic skin and with patients who have isolated areas that do not respond to traditional diet and exercise. Surgery should never be considered as a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise or for an overall weight loss. If it is determined that your skin’s elasticity is lacking, an alternative treatment may be recommended. This will be determined during the consultation period.

For patients seeking to restore volume in problem areas such as the face, a fat transfer may help fill out fine lines and wrinkles, or give volume to lips and sunken cheeks. This procedure is sometimes performed in conjunction with liposuction. Since a fat transfer uses a patient’s own body fat there is no risk of an allergic reaction and the other benefit is that fat provides a long lasting result.

Both liposuction and a fat transfers can be performed at our clinic, sometimes under a local anaesthetic.  We ensure that a qualified anaesthesiologist, along with a team of registered nurses will be overseeing your operative care.

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