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Let’s Talk About This

Let's Talk About This

It has become patently obvious that this blog is guilty of ignoring much of the Plastics side of ICLS. This post is therefore an attempt to set that wrong right. Two weeks ago, Dr. Khanna, Brenda (our post-op nurse) and Roxanne (our plastics coordinator) were invited to speak at the Credit Valley Clinic in Mississauga. The Credit Valley clinic is home to the 3 surgeons who perform lapbanding in ICLS’s fully accredited O.R.’s once or twice per month.

The purpose of the event was to educate patients who have undergone lapbanding or gastric bypass weight loss, about the differences between plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss (100+ lbs) versus plastics surgery for regular weight patients. Brenda illustrated that the event was a remarkable success primarily because it provided a forum where patients could speak to educated professionals about their concerns. In her words: “Having been a dramatic weight loss patient (170 pounds lost) and having been a plastic surgery patient of Dr. Khanna’s, I think any chance to educate and guide these unique people constitutes success.  They need to know that there is a skilled surgeon that is familiar with their unique needs!”

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