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Kansas City Business & Pleasure

Whenever travelling with my husband Paul for his work, I try to sneak in some business adventures of my own! This way I get to have fun while also getting some work done along the way.

For the past three years, I’ve flown down to Kansas City with my husband, while he attends a purchasing seminar. This year he had some business in St. Louis first, so I met him and we caught a Ball game at Busch Stadium. That game ended with the Cardinals beating the San Francisco Giants 7-1 in a double header! We also did some site-seeing, but chose to only view the famous St. Louis arch from the ground, due to my incredible fear of heights! We rented a car and our adventurous drive from St. Louis to Kansas City began, while dodging tornados the entire way. The joke was that I was wearing RED “Dorothy-esque” shoes but at least they were not adorned in sequins, otherwise that would have been way too funny.

Busch Stadium

Fortunately, for my husband and I, the weather remained fairly calm and we made our way to Kansas City. Now this city has become one of my favourites in the U.S. for several reasons. Firstly, there is great shopping right outside my hotel. Secondly, there are some fantastic restaurants and specifically the Bar-B-que! But really, I think the reason I love Kansas City is the wonderful people. Everyone I met was so friendly and accommodating.

Festivus & Wedding, Karen & Paul

I visited one of Kansas City’s premier Plastic Surgery Centers, Monarch Plastic Surgery, and I was hosted by two lovely ladies, Susan and Julie. We shared lots of tips and techniques to elevate our patient’s experience. We had many things in common, but mainly the passion and love of great skin care. They really were excited to recommend products that their patients love and I am suggesting that Jaime, our Skin Care Specialist, make the trek to check them out!

Monarch Plastic Surgery
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