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Jessners Appeal.


You may remember from past Bride Story posts that our cosmetic surgery clinic is bustling with soon to be brides. Rachel, our Skin Spa manager is one of those lovely little ladies. To say that Rachel has a Type A personality is an understatement.

Only a couple of months after her fiancé proposed, she booked an appointment at the infamous Kleinfeld bridal salon in New York City to look for her dream gown. And find it she did! Rachel picked a beautiful gown with a low back for her big day.

Realizing how prominent her back would be, Rachel knew that more than ever she would have to be blemish free. That is why Dr. Sapra, our dermatologist suggested that Rachel have a series of 5 Jessners Peels to slough off old dead skin, reduce any scars left by past break outs, and leave her skin glowing! (She says she will definitely sneak some in for her face as well before her nuptials).

The Jessners peel is one of the most effective, yet light cosmetic peels available and can treat any skin tone.

Jessners Peel


Jessners Peel


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