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Jaime: The One and Only.

We love our wonderful Jaime. Even on the most stressful of days, she is a ray of sunshine and at our cosmetic surgery clinic where she greets all of our Skin Spa patients with that trademark smile! When you first meet Jaime, it is impossible not to be jealous, *ahem* I mean notice…her glowing complexion.

Jaime honestly always looks like she came back from a tropical vacation and we want to know why. Jamie chalks it up to her use of the Colorescience Chocolate Mousse skin mattifying primer. After moisturizing, Jaime adds one or two pumps to her face with her fingertips and blends in. The primer is great for adding a natural touch of colour, while keeping a shiny or oily complexion at bay.

As if this isn’t enough Dr. Sapra, our dermatologist also recommends the product because the primer has an SPF of 20, and the cocoa based powerful antioxidant ingredients work to hydrate and balance challenged skin.

Jaime: The One and Only

Colorescience Chocolate Mousse
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