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Introducing ICLS Skin!

ICLS Skin Advanced Repair Serum

I first started using Vital Science Advanced Repair Serum over 3 years ago when I started working at ICLS and Rachel gushed about how incredible this product was and how everyone could benefit from using it. It had been scientifically proven to repair damaged skin on a cellular level, leading to younger, healthier-looking skin and who doesn’t want that? Needless to say, I was sold and immediately hooked on it.

So, when I heard that Vital Science Advanced Repair Serum was discontinued, I thought my skincare world had ended. What was I going to use? This product was my favourite…it gave me an incredible glow while repairing my damaged cells. It was fantastic!

After many patients expressed that they felt the same way, it got us thinking…why don’t we just make it ourselves? So after months of planning…that’s just what we did! We purchased the exact formula that everyone loved in Vital Science Advanced Repair and after many months…we are thrilled to announce that ICLS Skin Advanced Repair Serum has arrived!!!

ICLS Skin Advanced Repair Serum is now available in office as well as through our online store. Also, remember for the month of July all Canadian orders of $75+ are eligible for FREE shipping using the promo code “SUMMER”.

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