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“I’m Too Sexy for my Jawline”

February 29, 2012Jennifer1Tags: , , Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

I’m Too Sexy for my Jawline - Under Chin Liposuction

Guest Blogger: Jennifer

I was fortunate enough to have liposuction under my chin in September of last year, and I have to say, I am STILL excited about my results!

It makes me very happy to look at my jaw when I have pictures taken or even when I am just looking in the mirror to do my makeup. I wish now that I could go back and have my driver’s license photo redone, because those things are never very flattering (but especially not pre-treatment). Now every time I look at my license I am reminded of what that area looked like before. Actually, on second thought…maybe it is a good thing to have that reminder. While I definitely didn’t feel bad about how I looked before, I just feel so much better now. I actually look like I have lost weight, even though I haven’t; maybe a little non-surgical fat reduction would do the trick? (I’ll save this topic for an entirely different and much longer blog). It was such a small procedure and I had such a quick recovery (back to work in 3 days), it is amazing how much of a difference a little tweak can make.

I’m Too Sexy for my Jawline - Under Chin Liposuction
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