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Growing Pains!

December 23, 2013Karen Rosbrook0Tags: , , Categories: Home, ICLS

Believe it or not, we have been in Oakville now for over 18 years and have grown in so many ways. Dr. Sheetal Sapra opened his practice in 1995, in the Trafalgar Professional Building at 1235 Trafalgar Road. He had 1 nurse, 1 receptionist and 1 laser. The following year, his wife, Dr. Julie Khanna opened her Plastic Surgery practice in the same office and she hired me, as her secretary. We then hired Chris, who many of you know from her friendly, welcoming voice on the phone, as she is still with us today.

We grew from a staff of 3, to a staff of 12 in the first 5 years. We then outgrew our little 1500 square foot space and moved to our current location at 1344 Cornwall Road in 2001. We had 5000 square feet at that time and thought we would NEVER outgrow that. BUT BOY WERE WE WRONG!! We took over another 2500 square feet to create the Skin Spa and Clinical Trials Department 5 years later and were up to 25 employees, and over 15 laser technologies.

Today, the ICLS family consists of almost 50! Well, in keeping with our tradition of growing and expanding to meet the needs of our patients, we have plans to start renovations over the Holiday Season! We are very excited to begin the process of creating a luxurious space for Dr. Khanna’s patients and expand our clinic, once again. We have broken the project down into 3 phases and the first we started this week. Phase 1 consists of a full renovation of our current patient washroom as well as adding a second washroom for patient convenience. Our OR waiting room, patient change rooms and staff room will all be under construction and we anticipate little, to no inconvenience to our valuable clientele, as we will have alternatives available.

ICLS' Patient Washroom


We will be tackling the demolition of the previous Optometrist space during the month that follows, and then the construction of Dr. Khanna’s opulent suite will begin. We are so excited and can’t wait to gain the extra 2500 square feet. This will allow our Dermatology laser patients to experience less wait times, as the extra rooms will increase our available space and improve our overall level of efficiency. I’m sure you’re wondering, what is phase 3? Well, we would never leave the Skin Spa out, and we will be giving it a facelift, with additional professional skincare space, a fully functioning, second laser room, as well as some additions that will allow for added privacy for our patients.

Karen’s Office


We can’t wait to share the new look with you and will keep you posted through regular updates. Today we took these photos of the men who are hard at work demolishing the old optometrist space. You can see our current West Entrance from the outside. I assure you, just past those doors will be unrecognizable!



ICLS' Reno


ICLS' Reno


ICLS' Reno


We thank you in advance for your continued patience and we guarantee…it will be worth it! Happy Holidays to all and we’ll see you next year!

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