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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks to all the Staff at ICLS

Each year, Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra plan a total of four parties for all the staff at ICLS to get together, relax and to say thank you for everyone’s hard work! These parties can be summarized quite easily:

  1. Pick a ridiculous theme
  2. Make sure that there is more wine than water
  3. Hire a band that plays Journey and Beyonce
  4. Food, food and more food!

With that combination it is no surprise that these parties are a tremendous amount of fun. This year’s most recent party was called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” where we dined on a full roast pig, and drowned in a sea of rhinestones and pink tulle. At our cosmetic surgery clinic we like to work hard and play hard! In the first photo you will see some of our O.R. team, Kerrie and Karen B. In the second photo we have Abi, one of our Injector Nurses, Jessica, one of our Derm nurses and Katie, one of our front desk staff.

So as a token of our appreciation, everyone at ICLS wanted to give something back to Dr. Khanna, our female Plastic Surgeon and Dr Sapra, our Dermatologist. After exhausting a list of terrible suggestions, “No, I don’t think Dr. Sapra would like a Snuggie…” Karen decided that the best gift would be to set up a nursing scholarship in their names. So it is through the University of Toronto that we were able to design a scholarship that would encourage further education and learning in the field of Nursing.

This was without a doubt the best gift we could have given them after seeing their tearful reactions at last week’s party. Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra say to us all the time how thankful they are to have such an amazing team. So creating a scholarship that supports the nursing profession is truly the icing on the proverbial cake.

Giving Thanks to all the Staff at ICLS
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