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Give A Hug

January 21, 2016ICLS0Tags: , , Categories: Home, ICLS

Because we continually feel so fortunate here at ICLS, we decided this year to give back in a bit of a unique way. We call it,

Give A Hug

We have asked our entire ICLS family to give back to our community and have given them freedom to let their imaginations run wild. Here is a sneak peak as to where our team’s hugs will be given.

TEAM 1 – Giving the gift of Support

Our goal is to assist women in our community with their ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. Things that we take for granted like food, shelter, safety and self-esteem are needs that some may not be able to achieve alone. We hope that our support can make a difference to mothers otherwise unable to support their children on their own because of troubling circumstances.


Catherine (OR Nurse), Elaine (Patient Care Coordinator), Kendra (Marketing & Business Development Manager), Roxanne (Plastic Surgery Manager), Claudia (Plastic Surgical Coordinator), Amber, Melanie & Jen (Dermatology Nurses).

TEAM 2 – Giving back to our FurFriends in Need

Whether it’s a cuddle session on the couch, a long walk through the trails or just being there when we get home from a long day, our furry little friends are always there to put a smile on our face! Our goal is to raise awareness and donate to an Emergency Medical Fund to help save animals that have been hit by cars, caught in traps, abused, neglected, or needing life-changing surgeries and/or treatments. These animals deserve the best care and to know that they matter and that they are loved.


Chris (Patient Care Coordinator), Ashley (Surgical Coordinator), Colleen (OR Support), Katie (Skin Spa Administrative Manager), Karen (OR Manager), Nathalia, Lexie & Alex (Dermatology Nurses).

TEAM 3 – Giving the Gift of a Brighter Future

As a team, our goal is to help families within our community who are low-income or require assistance in gaining a healthier way of life and ensuring the youth of our community have ease and accessibility to resources that can provide them with a better future.


Lindsay & Shirley (Dermatology Nurses), Marija & Marie (Patient Care Coordinators), Carmen (Research Coordinator), Brenda (Post-op Nurse), Kelli & Becky (Skin Spa Nurses).

TEAM 4 – Giving the Gift of Warmth

Our main focus is to give back to those less fortunate within our surrounding communities. Given our cold winter months we understand the importance of basic necessities. These include items such as winter jackets, blankets, personal hygienic products and nonperishable items. We hope that our contributions will warm the hearts of those in need.


Zelia (OR Nurse), Karen (Clinical Director), Sarah & Josette (Patient Care Coordinators), Joelle (Dermatology Nurse) Jennifer and Cindy (Skin Spa Nurses).

TEAM 5 – Giving the Gift of Compassion

We often overlook the people in need who are the closest to home. With this in mind, as a team we decided that we would like to contribute to a cause that brings aid to those in the Halton area. Our donation will focus on bringing food, clothing and other important resources to local families who are in need.


Abi, Stephanie and Cher (Skin Spa Nurses), Laura (Pre-op Nurse), Hayley (Administrative Support), Dynika (Clinical Research Coordinator) and Linh (Patient Care Manager)

Thank you to our community for your continued support, we will be sharing more of our wonderful gift of giving on social media. So please follow our teams on their ‘Give a Hug’ initiative using, #ICLSGiveAHug.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Theresa.



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